Do you at times struggle to lift your headspace out of the day-to-day operational requirements of your business?

I help individuals and small teams get a fresh perspective on business strategy, customer experience, and personal creativity.

Businesses that are looking for new markets, customer segments and revenue streams use innovation coaching to build new mental models about their business.

In short, I break old thinking patterns and habits.

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If you are not doing the thinking about your business strategy then who is?

Cross-pollination is a tried and tested method of innovation of new services or products.

However it is difficult to do this when one is immersed in the environment needing innovation.

Getting an outside perspective is an efficient way to bridge outside insight into your world. Innovation doesn’t have to be new to the world, just new to your world.

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Have you been promising yourself time away from emails and meetings to really think about your business?

We start with a Look, See, and Decide session if there is chemistry for an ongoing coaching relationship. In this no-obligation meeting, we chat about your business context and immediate challenges, and what I could do for your business.

Should we agree on further coaching sessions, these would be between 2~4 hours a month, or more.

In addition, I talk about conducting a “30 ideas in 30 minutes” review of your customer-facing aspects of your business where applicable.

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The primary objective with innovation coaching is to sow the seeds of great ideas for your business.

My role is not necessarily to come up with the ideas, but to create the capacity within you to do that, to combine and connect disparate elements that result in new insight.

To jump start the process, I do a review on all the customer facing aspects of your business and come up with 30 actionable ideas which I present back to you in a 30 minute session (with time after to extend the conversation).

I do this by looking through the lens of a customer, which invariably offers the quickest route to innovation.

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Creativity is a new literacy, helping us make sense of the radical complexity surrounding our personal and professional lives.

Creative thinking is a tool to help make really big decisions, as it allows multiple perspectives to be drawn into consideration.

There's been a big buzz around the idea of personal branding, and while it may seem the 'latest thing', there's merit in thinking of how we project ourselves into the world. You might be in a large organisation, lacking visibility. Or you may be yearning to start your own thing, but not sure what.

Combining a branding lens with personal creativity in the quest to reinvent yourself can lead you to some interesting places that may transform you forever.

Let me be your sherpa on that journey.

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